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H&B Dead Sea Treatment Obliphicha Oil Hair Mask
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A mineral rich mask, enriched with high concentrations of sea buckthorn oil, whose origins are in Russia where it is known for its many unique qualities. The mask treats changes that occur in the hair as a result of chemical treatments such as coloring, lightening, hair styling, hormonal changes, sun, cold, wind, tension and air pollution. The mask is suitable for hard water, repairs split ends, prevent hair color loss, contain radiation filters, vitamins A, E and B5, carrot oil, shea butter, silicone and possesses an intoxicating aroma. Directions for use: After shampooing, wring excess water out of hair, work a generous amount into hair, starting at the roots and working towards the ends, wait about five minutes, and then rinse well in warm water. 250ml/ 8.4 oz
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