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H&B Dead Sea Beauty & Firming Peel-off Mask 100ml
A fast and unique beauty mask with a light relaxed and refreshing gel texture. Provides immediate ..
H&B Dead Sea Collagen firming cream SPF-20 50ml
Changes to the elastic fibres of the skin layers occur as a result of a reduction in the quantitie..
H&B Dead Sea Collagen Firming Mask 100ml/3.4 fl. oz.
Changes to the elastic fibres of the skin layers occur as a result of a reduction in the quantities ..
H&B Dead Sea Firming Night Cream 50ml/1.76 fl. oz.
A rich cream wit silky texture , based on an innovate technology which provides optimal nourishing. ..
H&B Dead Sea Hands & Nails Cream Lavender Patchouli 100ml
This is one of the best professional hand creams for men and women alike. It has non-oily, rich tex..
H&B Dead Sea Intensive Avocado & AloeVera Cream 50ml
Skin aging causes the slowdown of cell turnover, loss of flexibility and strength, creation of wri..
H&B Dead Sea Intensive Collagen Night Cream 50ml
Changes to the elastic fibers of skin`s internal layers occur as a result of reduction of Collagen ..
H&B Dead Sea Kit:Serum,Eye,Collagen Cream
H&B Dead Sea Kit:Serum,Eye,Collagen Cream H&B Dead Sea Anti Wrinkle Mineral Serum H&B Dead Sea..
H&B Dead Sea Lifting and Firming Silk Serum 30ml
This serum is based on a unique, innovative formula giving amazing results, with significant long-t..
H&B Dead Sea Lightening Cream SPF-20 50ml
A concentrated healing cream that is based on acids, herbal extracts, and active Dead Sea minerals. ..
H&B Dead Sea Magic Mud Mask 50ml
Intensive face mask for clean and well-balanced skin. The mask renews your skin cells, decreases po..
H&B Dead Sea Mineral Peeling Mask 100ml
A revitalizing mask that gives your facial skin three visible and immediate effects.��Contains sof..
H&B Dead Sea Moisturizer & Nourishing Carrot Cream
This natural moisturizer, nourishing and anti-aging cream is enriched with carrot oil which is know..
H&B Dead Sea Moisturizing & Relaxing Facial Mask with Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen 100ml/3.4 fl.oz
Facial skin becomes dry as a result of heat, cold, low humidity, air- conditioned areas, weather and..
H&B Dead Sea Multi-Vitamin Cream SPF-20 50ml/1.76 fl. oz.
An easily absorbed cream with a velvety texture which wraps the skin with softness and moisture and ..
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