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Dead Sea Premier Gold Eye Mask
Product Code: Dead Sea Premier Gold Eye Mask


The skin around your peepers is probably the most susceptible part of your face to the ravages of stress, environmental aggressors, and the inevitable passage of time. Fortunately, our under-eye patches have appeared just at the nick of time to make sure that you never have to deal again with puffiness, crow's feet or dark circles. The integration of collagen in our 24K gold under-eye patches guarantees both the prestige of the rare metal and the exceptional ability of the structural protein to regenerate and stimulate the proliferation of new skin cells. The end result is a visibly younger-looking complexion as long as the mask is used consistently and correctly.

But that's not all; this hydrogel eye patch is tailored to boost the circulation of blood just as effectively as it combats wrinkles and fine lines around the orbs. Apart from restoring the lost elasticity to help you hang on to youthfulness for longer than your peers, our collagen under the eye mask also packs the following interesting benefits.

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